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Working alongside parents at every stage:
infant to adult child

who are we?



A focus on family has centered Marcy Sizemore's entire life's journey.  The oldest of four in a family of two working parents she was a contributing member of a family as early as she can remember.  She also grew up working in a local preschool.  With a B.S. in Early Childhood Education and a specialization in Special Education from Florida State University, Marcy began teaching in 1996.   A 5 year teaching career transitioned into running a family as a stay at home mom for 16 years.  The true culmination of her life's work thus far is  practicing as a certified coach and consultant for youth, families and parents.  Her heart's desire to engage in a journey with families throughout all the stages that present from infant to adult children is evident.  Marcy's goal is to meet parents and families exactly where they are, whether it be on the hilltop looking forward and setting goals or in the valley inside a crisis that seems insurmountable.



Marcy's first "lab" was the family she was raised in.  The second "lab" was her teaching career.  She sees her family of four as her  third "lab" .  It's all connected.  If we see our home, our family, and the act of parenting all as a work in progress it is not hard to imagine the concept of doing this part of life inside "the lab".  Olive Orchard Lab is an idea, a place, a conversation, a concept and more.  It is where we work through this thing called parenting.  If you believe that there is good, better and best in all things, then you are in the right place.  Never do we seek perfection, but rather the best, knowing that this best changes over time.  And we are in our sweet spot as parents when we are evolving and changing too.



Here's where you come in.  As a parent you have a family with specific needs.  It is ever changing; there are fantastic seasons and then there are really confusing low times too.  Olive Orchard Lab is a place for all of us to explore, evolve, and become throughout each stage of parenting and family.  We strive to be our best through education, reflection, goal setting, vision work, and accountability to name a few.   From infant to adult child, parenting is a journey.  This journey has the power to build up or tear down our children, our relationships, and our future as a family.  Come join the journey at Olive Orchard Lab; let's start building your legacy.  

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