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Custom Designed Packages

If your family requires more and you want to jump right in head first, let us design a package with your specific family, child and parenting needs in mind.  

For example: With our  "ALL HANDS ON DECK PACKAGE" we provide 1 & 2 day choices for family observation packages that include travel to you (International clients accepted) , 2-3 observation sessions per day, individual family member interview sessions, 2 parent coaching sessions, "end of day" immediate recommendations, and then a comprehensive report in 2-3 weeks which outlines the current situation, the parenting/child goals, and provides short and long term recommendations. 

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Workshops for families and parents inside your company, school, or group

Adults bring the weight of parenting and family responsibility to work with them each and everyday.  

Most groups of adults around the globe that meet around a common interest have something else in common too, parenting.  

Each decade the demands placed on the educational institutions in society grow.  Many teachers are parents and the students they are reaching have parents.  Educating parents supports a thriving school environment by building a partnership between parents and educators.  

 Olive Orchard Lab will bring insight into appropriate research based practices, child development (0-18), practical tips for home and school, and motivation to be INTENTIONAL when working on parenting and family.  


"Crafting a Family Mission Statement"

"Balancing Family While Building a Business or Career"

"The Purposeful Playroom - Don't "KonMari" it yet!"

"The Structured Family- Discipline, Schedules, Expectations"

You may use the form below to request specifics on custom packages.  


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