Olive Orchard Lab

Working alongside parents at every stage:
infant to adult child



Why Olive Orchard Lab?

OOL believes that the transformation from Accidental to Intentional Parenting is powerful. 

OOL believes that asking for help as a parent should be praised not shamed.

OOL believes in the power of  "less is more" for the family's schedule. 

OOL believes that responsibility is taught from birth, and that the self-fulfilling prophecy is real.

OOL believes that parenting is a practice best done in community.

OOL believes that when a parent/family knows its values, vision & goals practical purpose if found.  

OOL believes in building resilience in children, parents, marriages and families.  

OOL believes that each parent has his/her own unique parenting style.  

OOL believes that unconditional love, grace, mercy, and faith are gifts to treasure.

OOL believes in education; a child's first job is school.  

OOL believes that mindfulness and mutual respect create strong parent/child relationships.  

What is Parent Coaching?

Parent Coaching can help you deal with all aspects of being a parent by helping you identify your core values, your family vision and work toward specific goals by helping you develop a plan.  Coaching is about helping you recognize and gather the tools needed to raise and educate children to the best of your ability.  Central to the philosophy of parent coaching is the belief that the potential to be an effective parent is already inside you.  Parenting is a very big job that few are truly prepared for.  When you need help,  a parent coach meets you right where you are and helps you move forward.  

What is Consulting for Parents?

Olive Orchard Lab offers consulting as a way to provide additional information, resources, and experiences to parents.  Consulting is often provided in the group setting by way of workshops and trainings that target key areas of development.  However, individuals can also request private consulting sessions based on specific family/child needs.  

Who comes to OOL?


Anyone involved in doing life with a family will find a fit with Olive Orchard Lab.  It is a safe place to seek, learn, grow, evolve and even fail.  Above all else, people who love their family come to OOL.  We believe that a family is a work in progress and a parent is the primary facilitator of growth.   

Why do PARENTS come to OOL?

Parents come to "the lab" to work on and through all the little parts of parenting that make up life.  

Some examples include…. 

~New Parent (fourth trimester) education

~Overcoming challenging behavior 

          (eating, sleeping, tantrums, disobedience, toilet training, motivation, responsibility, respect, etc)

~Sibling conflict

~Customized family routines & systems: scheduling decisions & priorities

~Youth & young adult vision & goal work

~Technology boundaries & limits

~Early childhood development & expectations at each stage

~Spiritual goals inside the family

~Education decisions 

~Parenting style/ Marriage Preservation/ Co-parenting

~Family & educational centered home organization for simple and productive days

How do I get started?

Send an e-mail, call, text, or click below to find out more about all things Olive Orchard Lab.  We are here for you and your family.  Let's start a journey together.  

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